Five Benefits of Picture Framing Your Deck


Have you ever looked out at your yard and just thought something is missing? Do things not feel quite finished, wrapped in a bow and ready to show off? If you’ve been feeling this way, there may be something you can do to help tie it all together.

Picture framing your deck may be the touch you need. By blocking the corners and edges to your deck boards, picture framing can create a finished, clean look, prevent damage, and add value to your house if you plan on selling.

1. Hide the “cut ends” of deck boards

Picture framing your deck can be an easy solution to making it look more visually pleasing. While the raw, cut ends of deck boards may be the traditional look you are going for, a picture frame could be the final step for a more finished and modern aesthetic.

2. Put safety first!

With picture framing, you hide the jagged edges of deck boards. Depending on the layout of your landscape, this could easily make your outdoor space safer for your family, friends and guests. It will be less likely for someone to injure themselves on the sharper edges, ultimately making your deck a safer space.

3. Highlight areas of interest

Whether your deck serves as your sitting area, cooking spot or poolside retreat, it will be a main focal point to your landscape design. Picture framing your deck allows you to highlight the features of and around the deck that make for a meaningful and authentic outdoor living experience.

4. Prevent debris

If your deck is not picture framed, you might already notice debris such as leaves and sticks getting stuck in between the deck boards. Whether this is due to natural causes or is a product of regular use, it can be a hassle to go in the seams of the boards and clean out debris. Picture framing the boards of your deck is an innovative and resourceful solution to this problem, can prevent damage to your deck and add to the finished clean look.

5. Add to the resale value

If we haven’t convinced you by now - maybe this will: picture framing your deck could potentially add to the resale value of your home. To some potential buyers, the raw ends of deck boards may look unfinished or neglected and could possibly cross your home off of their list if they feel it will require more work or doesn't fit their vision. Picture framing from the start may help when it comes time to sell and could add to the value of your home!

Ultimately, picture framing your deck will not only make it look cleaner, but also likely make your life easier. And with less maintenance and a higher resale value, your future self will, without a doubt, thank you.

Get started by choosing the right color decking for your project — order some sample deck boards. And if you want to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases, check out other mistakes to avoid when installing your composite decking.