Composite Decking Accessories Create Outdoor Living Rooms


These days, homeowners don’t just build new decks – they create outdoor living areas that offer many of the same amenities as indoor living rooms. One reason why this trend continues to gather momentum is due to the increased affordability of composite decking technology. With both an increase in quality, appearance and performance, along with a decrease in retail prices for composite decking, rails, and other high-quality outdoor living accessories, exterior landscape designs are now more intricate and personalized than ever, and accessible to a growing number of homeowners. Deck builders and contractors can begin the customization process by educating homeowners about the most recent developments in LED lighting, railings, gates and decorative post caps designed specifically for composite deck installations. 

Unleash Your Clients’ Creativity with a Composite Deck

Unlike traditional pressure-treated (PT) lumber, composite decking allows homeowners to continuously add new elements to their outdoor living rooms without the annual hassle of removing each piece in order to clean, sand and stain the deck.

Today’s high-quality capped composite decking products, such as DuraLife® Siesta™ and MVP™, are formed using polypropylene and hardwood fibers, helping it to stand up to normal wear and tear year after year. The manufacturing process also includes special UV protectors also help prevent sun damage and fading. These features give homeowners the added flexibility to periodically rearrange or redesign their outdoor layout without the fear of previously covered decking appearing darker than decking that has been exposed to the elements for a period of time.

Composite decking provides a beautiful, stable, long lasting outdoor platform that gives each homeowner the creative freedom to focus on everything that goes on top of it, not on the work it needs to maintain it. 

Composites Made to Look Like Real Wood

In colors and textures designed to mimic the look and feel of Golden Teak, Garapa Gray, Brazilian Cherry or Tropical Walnut, composite decking delivers all the appeal of wood without any of the labor and maintenance needed to keep it looking great season after season. In the same way that an interior designer works to create a unique living space based on the style and functionality that the homeowner is looking for, outdoor design consultants now have a much wider spectrum of accessories to offer their clients. 

Strong and Beautiful Railings

Over the last several years, new developments in the design and assembly of composite deck rail technology has dramatically improved the strength and durability of railings, gates and decorative privacy panels used to accessorize a deck.  

For example, DuraLife’s Merrimack PVC railings are engineered using PVC composite material that won't absorb moisture and reduces the rattles and squeaks commonly associated with vinyl railing. Merrimack’s hidden bracket hardware delivers superior strength without compromising aesthetic appeal, and a contoured rail design adds architectural detail.

For coastal applications, DuraLife’s Nantucket Rail, available in 3 powder coated aluminum colors has been tested to resist over 10,000 hours of salt spray.

Add Privacy and Style with Decorative Screen Panels 

Another way to add a custom look to your outdoor living space is by installing decorative panels. Sturdy yet elegant, outdoor screen panels are easy to install into durable, powder coated aluminum frames. As an alternative to traditional lattice, the 2’x4’ panels can be installed horizontally across the bottom of a new composite deck or hung vertically to provide stylish privacy.

Available in colors and styles to match any outdoor design theme, panels are constructed of weatherproof polypropylene material, ensuring years of maintenance-free performance. Some manufacturers, such as DuraLife, are also able to incorporate unique 3D finishes into their panels to create the appearance of depth, further enhancing the visual appeal of the product.  

Bright and Versatile LED Lighting

From lighted post caps to under-rail lighting, safe, low-energy LED lighting allows homeowners to add light to virtually any area of their outdoor living space.

Advances in solar technology enables lighting systems to be integrated with a single power source or operate independently with battery power. Features such as automatic power-on at dusk and dimming controls deliver another maintenance (and hands-free) element to your client’s outdoor oasis. 

Low Maintenance Composites = Freedom

It seems that each new season brings with it another exciting development in outdoor décor. Both patio and deck furniture materials continue to get lighter, stronger and more durable. While new composite materials and manufacturing technologies are creating solutions for outdoor storage, privacy shades and entertainment.

No matter what part of the country you service, the one thing that every homeowner wants is more time to spend outdoors, dining and entertaining with friends and family. Give them what they want with a low maintenance, durable composite deck that can weather any weather.

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